Professional Certified Outfitter / Guide Service

Available: Year-round

Family Friendly: Yes (Age 8+)

Activity: Walking / Very Light Hiking

Experience Required: None

Length of Time: 2-3 hr

Physical Difficulty: Easy or Moderate (You choose the difficulty and we will accommodate)

Interests: Apache Culture and Eco-environment (Botany, Geography, Geology, and Wildlife)

Description: Step into the heart of a Southeastern Arizona Sky Island and explore with us. Here you will experience boundless natural beauty at 5,200 + elevation with up close views of Cochise Stronghold (Native lands of the Western Apache) and a bird’s eye view of the San Pedro Valley into Mexico.

Learn about Western Apache culture and the Sky Island eco-environment. Your Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) will guide you off the-beaten path and teach you how to safely explore this spectacular area while providing an educational interpretation of culture and the local Eco-environ -Botany,  Geography, Geology, and Wildlife.

2-3 hr Explore Adventure Rates (+tax)

1 person: $65

2 persons: $60 per person

3 persons: $55 per person

4 persons: $50 per person

*Military and Cochise County residents always enjoy 10% off all adventures!!!
All adventures are Family Friendly for those Age 8+ /  No Experience Required