All adventures are Family Friendly with those Age 8+ / No Experience Required 


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Win a Rock Climbing Adventure for 2 persons!

To be entered into and eligible to win the adventure giveaway drawing you must complete our “Adventure Seeker” online survey by October 11th 2021 11:59pm.

MUST be 18 yr old to enter and win.

Adventure Prize is non-transferrable.

Winner will be contacted on October 12th, 2021 via the e-mail addressed used for the online survey.

Winner will have until October 19th, 2021 to claim and reserve their adventure for 2 persons.

All participants MUST be age 8+ and properly fit into all safety/climbing gear (helmet, harness (max waist 44″) and shoes (max shoe size 15).

Participants under the age of 18 yr old will need to be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Trip must be reserved, scheduled, and redeemed (upon availability) by December 31, 2021.

Due to the nature of activity and rural location ALL participants are required to complete an informational and medical questionnaire with a reservation agent prior to scheduling and confirming trip.

Participation in this activity requires both:

1)Normal functioning gross and fine body motor skills 2) Normal functioning hand-eye and leg-eye coordination skills.

Tombstone Adventure Company reserves the right to cancel and/or end a trip for any reason including but not limited to: inclement weather, hazards in the environment and/or non-compliance of a guide.

Only Tombstone Adventure Company reserves the right to cancel a reservation and/or end a trip regarding inclement weather only when it presents a safety hazard. (Participants are not able to cancel a reservation due to “undesirable” weather). There are several weather related conditions that could delay/cancel a trip reservation and clients will be notified of any cancellations as early in advance as possible.

Participants must directly cancel a reservation with a agent/guide 48hr in advance.

Reservations: Required to be made  directly by telephone (520) 457-8514

Promotional Adventure Rates

We offer a limited number of guided adventures to qualified candidates throughout the year at promotional rates. Qualified candidates include:

  • Public News/Media Sources
  • Hotel Management & Concierges
  • Local Business Owners within the industries of: Adventure Fun, Recreation, Tourism, or Travel
  • Travel Writers or Web Bloggers within the industries of: Adventure Fun, Recreation, Tourism, or Travel

Qualified candidates should contact us directly (520) 457-8514